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Here we present a set of furniture exhibitors for shopping centers that can be used in any type of trade, although these displays are sold mainly among our customers in the world of the deporta, all our furniture are removable for easy transport. They are manufactured with top quality materials. They are modular and can be used for more than one purpose. Customizable in colors, measurements and systems, adapting to the decoration and needs of your store


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Kit ou module d'affichage mural pour exposer les casques de vélo, ce module se compose d'un rack vertical avec une fenêtre horizontale de 1980 mm. De haute et 6 supports nouveau design pour les casques de vélo, ce module est fourni en couleur Ral 9005 (noir) en standard. Vous pouvez également personnaliser lacando

40,48 € Du Prix
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This is a clear example of an exhibitor built with a vertical Concepadel of 1890 mm. double to expose to one side or two sides, base of 1200 mm. x 1200 wide, if you implement any site of support for lama, you can get an epositor with advertising of your brand that can be used in stores, fast outlets, fairs and exhibitions and other events...

410,00 € Du Prix
410,00 € UNIDAD
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Metal base of 600 x 600 x 5 mm, with wheels, is used with the vertical double ConceShelf to obtain the construction of displays, gondolas and racks using the supports, hangers and hooks of our lama system. It can be supplied in any color of the Ral letter. This base in combination with the stand lama can be made by any exhibitor. DATA SHEET

125,43 € Prix
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